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The Dental Health Center specializes in large, complex full-mouth rehabilitations, usually involving the use of dental implants to replace missing teeth. Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, multiple teeth or even the entire smile. In addition to all the normal crown/veneer/bridge rehabilitations, below is an explanation of the implant options we offer.

Every case is unique and every patient has different expectations. During our complimentary consult we will find the perfect solution just for you. You deserve this- give us a call!

Single Tooth Solutions

When a single tooth is missing a dental implant can be placed in the jawbone to act as a new foundation for a natural looking and functioning crown. There are 3 components to a single implant tooth. First is the dental implant that resides in the jawbone. Second is the abutment which acts as a platform for the last component to sit on, which is the crown. Often, dental implants need time to fully heal to the bone before the final crown can be delivered. During this healing stage the implant is either under the tissue, has a healing abutment slightly above the soft tissue or has a temporary tooth on it. Implants are the option of choice for a missing tooth. It is truly a one-tooth solution to a one-tooth problem, opposed to the traditional 3-unit bridge. The 3-unit bridge is a 3-tooth solution for a one-tooth problem.

Multiple Teeth Solutions

When multiple teeth are missing implants are still the standard of care. Every missing tooth can receive an implant and individual crown or a bridge can be made over implants as well. Based on the specific circumstances of your case we would determine the best solution.

Full Mouth Solutions

A floppy conventional denture can be transformed into a stable, chewing-capable denture with dental implants. Two to four implants are placed as foundation pieces in the jawbone. After healing, the implants get a 3snap abutment placed on top of them. Corresponding button-snaps are placed inside the denture. The denture then “snaps” into place. You are able to place and remove the denture at any time. The implants give retention to the denture and allow the patient to smile and chew with more confidence than the conventional denture offers. Minimal rocking and movement of the denture still exist, however.

Fixed Dentures

Similar cosmetics as the snap-in denture but fixed in place. Instead of placing snap abutments on the implants, the denture is screwed into the implants. Only the doctor is able to remove this type of denture. Virtually no rocking or movement is detectable with this design. The fixed denture can be accomplished with as little as four implants; however, we routinely place six implants for this solution to ensure a strong and stable bite.

Fixed Zirconia/Porcelain

This is the most natural looking, fitting and feeling option. Unlike the denture options, Fixed Zirconia has no pink plastic and doesn’t require excessive material to help strengthen the denture. Milled from a 5-axis milling machine and hand finished, this is the hallmark restorative option for patients without teeth. Either screwed or cemented in place, this option offers no compromise for chewing, comfort and esthetics. This designed is engineered with 6 or 8 implants, depending on circumstances.

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